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We believe that jewelry is made to be worn. Like a leather wallet or a new pair of denim, there is beauty in the break in process. Our hope is that our rings are on your hand for many years to come, and that the dings and scratches it picks up along the way are a symbol of the journey you’ve taken through life. Sterling silver and 14k gold are incredibly strong metals, and will not lose their color, or turn your finger green. If you see discoloration or tarnish on the surface of the metal, this is easy to remove due to the quality of pure sterling and gold. Simply wipe it off with the provided polishing cloth, or even just rub it off using your fingers. If you’d like an extra level of cleanness, we recommend gently scrubbing with an old toothbrush and warm, soapy water.

If at any time you’d like your ring buffed of scratches and professionally cleaned, please send it back to us and we are happy to do this for you for a small fee.

If you don’t plan to wear your ring at all times, we recommend wrapping it in the provided polishing cloth and storing it in its original leather case.