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While aesthetic and function are key features in good design, we believe that the origin of materials and how something is manufactured are equally important. It’s no question that the fashion industry as a whole has had a harmful impact on the planet; and as designers, we feel a responsibility to be a part of the change our industry needs to see. To create with intention and purpose. To think about the origin of each material, the hands it touched to get to us, and how it impacts the planet.

Our approach to sustainable men's jewelry design is simple: Use what already exists.

Our rings are available in two precious metal options - sterling silver and 14k gold. While there are so many other metals we could work with (bronze, brass, stainless steel, a higher or lower karat of gold, gold plated), we choose to use only 925 sterling silver and 14k gold. And this is for two reasons. One, there is A LOT of gold and silver jewelry in circulation, and because of the purity of the alloy, it is easier than other metals to melt down and fully recycle into new designs. Thus, all of the metal we use is recycled, meaning that we are putting no demand on the market for newly extracted metal. And second, we’ve chosen sterling silver and 14k gold because they are going to age beautifully and become a family heirloom that will be passed down for generations. Lower quality metals will change the color of your skin, tarnish, or lose their golden luster very quickly, making them unsuitable for a lifetime of wear - and that’s just not the ring we want to make for you.

Now let’s talk about stones. Our signature style ring features an inlaid stone. The stones we feature in our rings have their origins all around the world - India, Europe, Northern Africa, the Southwest United States, etc. Because of the chemical makeup of our planet, certain minerals are only found in certain deposits. For us, this is what makes rocks so fascinating. So, how do we ensure that these were mined ethically and sustainably, ensuring no harm to people and planet in their extraction? Same approach we take with our metals: we use what already exists. Rather than purchasing stones or cabochons (pre-cut and polished stones typically used in jewelry) from large scale suppliers, we take a few different approaches. One way is by visiting local gem and mineral societies and rummaging through their bins of stones; another by going to rock shows and getting to meet miners and vendors, and personally asking all the questions regarding how and where their rocks are sourced. And occasionally we strike internet gold and find an old rock hobbyist selling their collections. The overall goal, again, is to not put demand on the market for new rocks to be mined. It’s definitely a labor of love to source our stones in this way - but one that we believe is worth it.

Finally, to ensure that all our our manufacturing is above board and done ethically, we have all our rings made ten minutes away from our studio. We’ve partnered with casters, metalsmiths, and lapidary artisans in downtown LA to make our designs come to life.

We love the level of attention we can have by being hands-on designers, and hope you find value in knowing that your purchase comes with our seal of approval.