I've known Jed for years, originally from afar watching him play a part at Invisible Children and watching him bicycle from Oregon to Patagonia. Over the years, we've come to know each other in overlapping circles of friends and opportunities (Desert & Denim/Wilderness waddup). Needless to say, Jed's life is worthy of a book, or three, and his words have captured the hearts and souls of many. His rich love of nature and adventure, combined with his knack for boiling heady topics into relatable bite-sized chunks, can really pull people in. As we came to the release of the Tempest Stone, connecting with Jed turned out to be the perfect storm *oof, sorry I had to*.

The Tempest Stone is a perfect stone for both the mystic and adventurer. Its swirling chaos can either remind you of an impressionistic van Gogh or a deep celestial body. It has a tendency to catch your eye and hold you in its trance.

With that, let me introduce you to Jedidiah Jenkins:

Can you introduce yourself? Who are you & what do you do?

My name is Jedidiah Jenkins and I’m a writer. I got my start in travel writing, and that’s more or less what I do and what I’m known for, but I’ll write about anything if you ask me to, or pay me. Maybe not commodities trading or something, but if the story was juicy, sure.

What is your relationship to jewelry?

I’ve enjoyed a ring here and there, but I’ve had trouble finding pieces that feel like my style. I like things that tell a story, and listen, I love south western everything... but sometimes I feel like I’m imitating or playing a character when I wear that stuff.

What drew you to the Tempest Stone/this section of the rock?

When thinking of what I wanted the ring to mean to me, it was all about perspective. About how small my life is in the context of the universe. Tempest Stone looks like a super nova, like a star nursery, like the deepest of space. I loved that.

Is there a reason you chose to wear it as a pinky ring?

It's comfortable and I like knowing it's the last thing to touch a page as I write, not to mention, I like the way it looks, balanced against my tattoos.

What does the engraving mean to you?

Amor Fati is Latin for ‘Love of One’s Fate.’ That sentiment in tandem with the galactic looking stone reminds me that I am a small bag of atoms hurtling through the galaxy, and whatever happens was destined from the Big Bang and always for me. That gives me peace. And excites me. And shuts me up.

What book do you find yourself reaching for/bringing up in conversation most?

The Righteous Mind by Jonathan Haidt. In these strange and confusing times, it seems the quickest thing we forget is other people’s humanity. And no book has reminded me to seek understanding and care for others than that book.  

What’s one interesting fact you wish more people knew?
Here’s a few:
  • Coffee hydrates you the same as water.
  • Change your oil every 7-10k miles…the 3k mile rule was made up by oil-change companies to make more money.
  • And here’s one from physics: if you study time and quantum mechanics… there is no real difference between the past and the present. It is all ever present, like the pages of a book on the shelf, telling a story, but every one is there.

    Jed's newest book Mother, Nature comes out Nov 7th, 2023. You can order it HERE.

    Order your Tempest Stone Signet Ring HERE