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Why and When Men Started Wearing Rings

The history of men’s rings is a long and complicated one, and one that is still being explored today. Some believe that men in ancient Rome wore the first rings as a sign of authority or power. Others believe that rings started being worn by men to signify their relationship status -- whether they were married, single, or in a relationship.

And still others believe that men started wearing rings as a fashion statement to stand out from the crowd. No matter when or why they started wearing them, one thing is for sure: rings have become an important part of many men's lives.

While the meaning and symbolism behind men wearing rings have shifted over time, rings remain one of the most famous jewelry pieces for men today. In this blog post, we look at the history of ring wearing and, more specifically, why and when men started wearing rings. Stay tuned to find out more!

The Ancient History of Rings

Rings are an ancient tradition that can be traced back to the earliest human civilizations. In Ancient Egypt circa 3,000 BC, noblemen used rings as status symbols. Priests often wore gold and copper rings, while gold bands with precious stones became fashionable among the wealthy.

Rings became even more popular during the Middle Ages when monarchies rose throughout Europe, especially under King Arthur’s reign over England.

It was believed that King Solomon was able to control demons with his ring—intriguingly called “The Seal of Solomon”—and hundreds of sorcerers claimed to have inherited this power through magical objects like amulets and rings. This led to a rise of superstition surrounding magic rings and rings in general.

The men's ring during World War II held a lot of symbolism. Rings were often given to soldiers as they left for battle, and they served as a reminder of home and loved ones. The rings were also often worn in honor of those who had lost their lives in the war. Today, these rings are considered rare and unique pieces of history from one of the most devastating wars in recent memory.

Evolution Of Men's Rings

Even before the beginning of civilization, men have been wearing ornaments. In many human cultures, ornaments have been used for various purposes, including as amulets to ward off evil spirits and as unique forms of status symbols.

It is believed that one of the originators of ring jewelry was a certain King Solomon from Biblical times, who wore a uniquely shaped ring as an indication of his royal power and authority over his subjects.

Ancient Times

In ancient times, rings were made from simple items such as bulky animal bones, mammoth tusks, and shells from distant lands. These pre-historic rings also had a religious significance, which can be seen in early Egyptian hieroglyphs depicting Pharaohs wearing special rings around their fingers to show that they held power over their people.

The ancient Greeks and Romans used rings, with the former often made out of silver or copper. The latter usually fashioned them in iron due to its durability compared to other metals that could be mined in great quantities at the time.

Medieval Times

During medieval times, at least up to the 17th century, wearing ornate rings was more popular among women than it is today. The most common material used for fashioning these early forms of rings were pearls, silver, and gold.

Elaborate designs which featured precious stones like rubies, sapphires, and diamonds became a staple in aristocratic fashion circles during the reign of Henry VIII, who often gifted these jewels to his many wives on special occasions.

Victorian Era

The Victorian era was characterized by the resurgence of interest in ornate rings among men and women. During this time, the men's ring of choice was made out of expensive materials such as platinum or gold topped with diamonds.

These rings also came into vogue during the late 18th century when Edwardian gentlemen wore them on special occasions like attending dances or social gatherings. It was then that they began getting more elaborate with different styles featuring men’s signet rings, shield-shaped bands, and even skulls that served as mementos of lost friends or family members.

Today, many men have become more discerning when it comes to their choice of wedding rings or other jewelry they wear on their fingers. Not only are these accessories made out of high-quality materials to ensure durability and functionality, but they are also personalized according to certain styles deemed fashionable by the current generation.

Types of Rings For Men

There are different types of rings for men that they can wear on their fingers. Here's the list:

1. Wedding Ring

Men’s wedding rings are some of the most stylish rings men can wear. Depending on your preference, there are different styles to choose from, and you can always have it customized. It comes in a wide variety of metals too, so you will not miss looking for something you really want to have. Take a deep dive on the history of mens wedding rings by reading our blog post. 

2. Signet Ring or Seal Ring

As its name suggests, this kind has a large 'seal' with engravings on top where you can put your family crest or initials and other symbols you find important. Men’s signet rings come in many different styles, so there should be no problem matching your personality to one, if not all, the models.

3. Simple Band

This one has an unadorned band made of metal, need it gold or silver or platinum or even titanium, which can be worn anywhere you want on any finger. It's stylish and classy because of your engravings, making it unique from other bands.

4. Rings With Stones

The three most popular choices are the emerald tanzanite ring, sapphire ring, and ruby ring. These kinds come in different sizes and shapes - oval, round, etc., depending on style preference - and can be worn either on the middle finger or index finger.

Stones For Men's Rings

The right man's ring is a sign of a successful life. If you wear a ring for men, make sure that it has the perfect cut and design. Here are some famous stones for men's rings:

1. Tanzanite

Tanzanite stone is one of the most popular gemstones in the world today. This stone is basically a zoisite mineral that changes into an intense blue during its metamorphosis process, lasting up to six months or even more under high temperature conditions.

Tanzanite stone is one of the most favorites for men's rings because it symbolizes creativity and courage. It also stands for truth and hope, making this stone a perfect motif for wedding bands, pendants, and tie tacks.

2. Morganite

Morganite stone is another popular mineral that has been used for years as a gemstone material for men's rings because of its beauty and rarity.

The pinkish color of morganite stones is definitely eye-catching, plus it has a lot more positive vibes than most other semi-precious gemstones do. This stone is also available in different cuts and shapes, making it look pretty regardless of its size.

3. Ruby

Ruby stones are red corundum gems with small amounts of chromium included in their chemical composition, making them appear brighter and more colorful compared to other gems.

The fact that they are also resistant to fire means that they can be placed on white gold, yellow gold, or even sterling silver jewelry pieces. Plus, ruby stones give off different shades of red depending on the type of light source where you're looking at it from, just like tanzanite stones do.

4. Emerald

Emerald is one gemstone material with an intense green color which is usually given off by its chromium content, making it an ideal choice for men's rings. This green mineral is known for its hardness, durability, and resistance against scratches.

Plus, emerald stones are well-known worldwide as being "gifts from nature" because they have a lot of positive magical or mystical properties associated with them.

5. Opal

Opal is a relatively common gemstone that has been used for men's rings due to its rarity and beauty. The vivid play of colors on opal stones makes a unique combination, whether it is set on gold, silver, or white metal pieces.

Opals can appear differently depending on which part of the world you're looking at them from because they contain trace elements like hydrogen, aluminum, silicon, copper, and iron inside their chemical composition.

How Our Rings Are Made

Here’s our process when making a ring:

1. Designing the Ring

The first thing we do when we make a ring is look at the design. Once that's done, we then sketch out our idea onto paper, complete with measurements. We can then give this design to a CAD (computer-aided design) software operator who can then generate the 3D-CAD for us for free. After that, we can use this data file and have it sent to our jeweler.

2. Adding the Size

The next step is adding the size to the physical model of the ring using a caliper which will measure your finger's circumference. In order to add a curvature on the top of the ring, you need an adjustable bending machine instead of just merely having it bend by hand.

3. Adding Stones

The next step is setting the stones with the help of a lever press where the gem is secured using temporary metal, which will be removed later. We recommend our clients to let us know if they have any allergies to white gold or platinum metals, as sometimes that can cause you to become numb around your fingers or face swelling.

4. Polishing

Once that is done, all we need next is polishing the ring and adjusting its size to fit exactly on your finger! The whole process up till this step takes roughly 1-2 weeks before it's finally finished depending on how fast you are at giving us feedback throughout the creation process.


for more about our process read our blog post "how our rings are made".

How To Purchase A Men's Ring?

Here’s how you can purchase an authentic men's ring.

  1. Determine What Type of Metal You Prefer: Knowing what type of metal you prefer is important when looking for men's rings. Any type of metal alloy could be used; however, silver and gold are more popular than ever right now.
  2. Choose a Stone: The next step to purchase a men's ring is to decide on the type of stone. Men usually choose between diamonds, rubies, sapphires, blue topaz, and emeralds, but you can choose any kind you want.
  3. Select the Right Ring Size: Once you have an idea of what type of ring you want, it's time to choose the right size. If you're purchasing a ring as a gift for someone else, it's best to ask them about their size. Read our blog post on how to determine your ring size for a deeper dive. 
  4. Check Out: Once you have chosen the right ring size, go to your cart and click “Check Out” which will redirect you to another page.
  5. Add Billing Address: When you are on the billing page, click inside the text box to add your name and address.
  6. Add Payment Method: Enter your payment information and click on "Review & Continue."  You will be directed back to the shop, where you can complete the checkout process.


The tradition of men wearing rings has been around for more than a thousand years. Today many men wear wedding rings, but there are some cultures where men never adopted this tradition. Some men wear rings as a fashion choice, while others only wear them during certain times of the year, such as Halloween and Mardi Gras.

The tradition of wearing rings is most likely linked to superstitious beliefs about the ring finger. Some people believe that this finger has a vein that leads directly to the heart. Others think it is associated with sexual desire or fertility. Although these beliefs are unfounded, they're part of how and why men started wearing rings in the first place.